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18 – 19 september 2024 │Sergel Hub, Stockholm

Learning conference

Acquire new skills for the future

Everything is constantly changing. And the pace of change is increasing all the time. To remain competitive, we also need to adapt.

What will it take to avoid being left behind?
How can we develop and make the most of existing talents and characteristics?
How do we lay the foundations for the best innovations?

The Learning Conference is where we discuss the new currency of competition: skills development and lifelong learning. Inspired by leading speakers in Learning & Development we create a forum that is brimming with important conversations and new insights, and lay the foundations for tomorrow’s innovative ways of working.

The goal? To unlock the power of learning and increase flexibility, mobility and efficiency. Because lifelong learning is the cornerstone of the future.

For you and your whole team


No two years are the same and the Learning Conference always strives to lead the way. The programme is drawn up by leaders in Learning & Development who are fully in touch with the latest developments in the industry.


We bring together some of the world’s leading experts in the field to share their knowledge. They will give you the tools to make your everyday work easier and manage your business smarter and more efficiently – so that next year will be better than the last.


This is where the public and private sectors meet, to build the opportunities for lifelong learning. Everyone contributes their experience and knowledge, and together we identify the best way forward.


The Learning Conference brings together delegates from all over Sweden. Meet your industry colleagues to share experiences and identify the core of your mission. Build up a really strong network of the right contacts for the future.

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